What We Do

Forum Solutions values intentionality and authenticity in everything we do and enjoy long-term relationships with satisfied organizations and individuals.


Career Strategies

We offer individual coaching services to every age group of people truly seeking change, improvement or transformation in their life and/or career, or simply to ignite the goal-setting process with identified areas of growth.

In addition, we provide onsite termination for outplaced employees, followed by 1:1 personalized coaching programs covering resume creation, interview skills, networking and LinkedIn presence.

Coaching & Facilitation
Interim HR Solutions

Our workplace coaching services are offered to organizations looking to provide structured and objective support to employees on a 1:1 basis. Delivered with corporate objectives in mind, prospective leaders or supervisors have an optional assessment conducted before embarking on a program of performance enhancement or improvement. 

From HR audits and systems design to everyday HR management, we work with companies in growth or merger situations where formalized HR processes are assessed and results integrated with other business processes and systems. 

  • HR Planning - current process assessment and needs analyses; development of executive level mission/vision statements and core values; climate reviews of corporate culture.

  • Strategic Recruitment & Selection - employee identification via job analysis and development of job descriptions; develop recruitment strategy, interview process and guidelines/questions.

  • Retention & Development - orientation and training programs; performance management and appraisal programs; compensation/benefits structure design; career development; succession planning process.

  • Everyday HR Management - basic pre-employment screening and interview techniques; onboarding new employees; improving employee motivation and communication; evaluating management/supervisory effectiveness; prioritizing management and employee development.